5 practical kitchen apps to make the purchase and eat healthily

Essential kitchen apps

5 practical kitchen apps to make the purchase and eat healthily

Technology can be on our side in something as simple and every day as the act of cooking, one of the main cares we can take towards ourselves or others. The proof is in these kitchen apps, which contain the necessary tools to revolutionize our diet and make it simpler and healthier.

From the gesture of making the purchase to the recipes that best suit you, these are the applications that have come to make our time in the kitchen easier.


Practical kitchen apps

Imagine that you don’t know what to cook for lunch. You open your fridge and see a lonely zucchini that you bought several days ago and you don’t know what to do with it. It’s time to open Nooddle, bookmark “zucchini” and see what happens. The app automatically displays a list of ingredients. Do you have pasta? Eggs? Or maybe some chicken? Mark the option that corresponds (and you feel like it) and the application will return a list of recipes, step by step, that you can make with those foods. If you like a recipe, you can always save it as a favorite within the application for when you want to repeat it.

Out of Milk

The shopping list in 2020 is made with the help of new technologies. It must be doing something right when it has such good ratings, supplying a daily need as basic as that of assisting us during the purchase. The app helps you make the list so that you don’t just forget food, but also that you don’t bring home the third pack of rice that you already had in the pantry.


The most popular application when assessing the nutritional quality of food. By scanning the products in your shopping basket or in your pantry, the app qualifies them with a grade. As we already told you in an article that evaluated the application in depth, Yuka is based on “the number of additives, salt, saturated fats, fibers, proteins, fruits, and vegetables that the product in question contains”. Although it can be a first guide intuitive to try to make our menu healthier, nutritionists remind us that it is not an application that takes into account the special needs of each person’s diet, something that cannot be lost sight of.

Plant Jammer

If you thought that cooking vegetables are difficult or that you don’t know how, this app will get you out of your mistake because it is you who, in the most intuitive way, creates the recipe for the dish that you really want to eat. The idea behind this app is to put a stop to food waste, so parts of the vegetables you already have in the fridge, create delicious dishes based on what you feel like today. What kind of flavor, cooking, or texture? Listen to your stomach and the app gives you a personalized and healthy recipe that solves today’s meal.


Yes, it is a recipe app that guides you step by step through the process. It also helps you make the shopping list. Yes, you can filter by what you already have in the fridge or by your type of diet. But also, as a bonus track, it incorporates a function that allows you to plan your meals based on all of the above so that it consumes as little time and energy as possible in your life.

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