How to get more followers on Instagram? 10 infallible tips

followers on Instagram

How to get more followers on Instagram? 10 infallible tips

Instagram today is one of the social networks with the greatest expression in the online world and guaranteeing your company’s territory on it is a smart move in the search for new leads.

The network has grown impressively in recent years, reaching more than 500 million active users, surpassing even social media like Twitter, Pinterest, and the beloved Snapchat.

Knowing how to communicate with your audience in this way guarantees a good advantage for your company, but before that, you need to know how to win followers who are hooked on your publications.

Thinking about that, we separated today 10 ways to conquer new followers on Instagram for your brand. Read on to find out more!

10 tips to get more followers on Instagram

Connect your Instagram to other social networks

Instagram followers

To publicize your profile and increase the number of followers, the first thing you should do is connect your account to your other social networks.

To do this, go to the options area of ​​the application, choose “linked accounts” in Settings and then select the alternatives of your preference.

So you can share your images on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Swarm, VKontakte, Ameba, and Increasing the reach of your posts and the opportunity to be seen and discovered by other users.

Learn to use Hashtags

A Hashtag arises from the numeral symbol (#) with a word that you want to present as a description of that publication.

You must have already seen some super popular ones out there like  #lookdeldia or  #instafood in posts on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook itself.

Proper use of this resource allows users to find your business more easily. In addition to allowing the organization of your content by categories within the network.

Always try to use hashtags that are directly related to your image and avoid flooding.

As much as that increases the reach of your business, it clutters up the user experience that already accompanies your posts.

In case you still want to use them, you can do so in the comments area of ​​your posts without polluting someone else’s timeline.

Look for photos that are really interesting

Another factor that makes all the difference in the engagement of  Instagram users is the quality of the photos you post.

Do not be afraid to use angles, experience good lighting, or opt for good quality when taking your photos. That difference can guarantee a large number of likes and draw the attention of whoever is walking through the timeline.

It is also essential to define a specific visual identity for your business,  so you will have more chances of having a photo recognized as yours anywhere on the social network.

Do you want an example? Take a look at the @RockContent  account and see how the photos, videos, and images have a well-defined pattern. That helps to establish a much stronger bond with the user.

Also, remember that it is essential to understand what is successful with your buyer persona. Experimenting is the key to aligning your brand with the interests of the public, and this is an important step when it comes to guaranteeing engagement.

Be present in the network

Your presence on social networks is very important when it comes to keeping the public interested in your content. It is no use that you follow all the advice, post amazing photos, and make the best comments only once a week.

To increase the engagement rate,  you need to be a  heavy user of the social network. Don’t skimp on “likes” on other users’ photos, comment when you have something relevant to say (no advertising disguised as a comment), and keep a good pace of publication.

It is also worth sharing images from other accounts in your area of ​​action. Who knows, so you can earn the mention later with a link to your profile.

Fuel engagement  in your account

Your posts will not receive interactions if you do not take the initiative. Therefore, take the first step and stimulate these new contacts. Like, comment, and bookmark the coolest photos you find. Always opting for posts that are related to your business or from influencers in the area.

A good alternative is to start conversations with users in your own posts, or also know how to respond to those who take time to comment on your photos. This shows that you are active and care about visitors.

Take advantage of the alternative of sponsored posts

As in Facebook ads, the use of sponsored posts by Instagram allows the segmentation of the public of interest. Which greatly optimizes the results of your campaigns.

Take advantage of the open possibilities of inserting sponsored messages to publicize events, offer advantages. And attract the attention of the public that still does not follow your business, thus guaranteeing that more users have access to your news.

However, do not forget that this alternative requires an investment proportional to the success of your campaign, and it needs to be very well planned to generate the desired results.

Varies content

Experiment to vary the format of your publications, using the video and image alternatives that can be uploaded to Instagram.

When well-crafted, videos have an engagement rate three times higher than photos. So make good use of the tool and work hard on editing so users can interact with the brand.

Anything goes product demos, making of, interviews, launch previews, and everything else your brand can produce. The important thing is to be aware of your marketing proposal.

Learn about the ideal photo and video formats for Instagram and other social networks:

Learn from the competition

Do you know of any super-cool action your competitor did that generated great results? Well, you can and should learn from this and apply what you can absorb in your own business.

But what if stocks fail? They also need to be analyzed and, believe it or not, can end up teaching much more than the success of the competition.

This is because this type of analysis will be essential for you to better understand the public with which your competition deals and that, at some point, may end up becoming yours.

Therefore, follow the competition and keep an eye on everything and any interaction on the network. Comments, likes, posts, and differentiated shares need to be monitored all the time so you don’t get left behind.

Learn to manage your accounts

There are several applications that help in managing your Instagram accounts. With multiple active accounts, it is much easier to maintain the frequency of publications; in addition to the accompaniment that is made of the behavior of each one.

Apps like Latergram, Instamizer, TakeOff, Machinegram, and Schedugram. For example, help in this monitoring process and can even guarantee some extra functions such as the scheduling of publications.

There is a huge variety of applications that can be useful, such as InstaCommentor, which monitors and manages comments. InstaFollow, which reveals who has unfollowed the brand.

It remains for the person in charge of the page to discover which are the best tools available for your business.

Create an editorial calendar

The organization is the key to the success of any digital marketing strategy. And an editorial calendar can save time and guarantee a good distribution of content throughout the year. And mainly, on special dates such as Christmas, Easter, or the company’s birthday. business.

It is clear that there are publications at the moment. But it is extremely important to define the content to be displayed beforehand.

In the end, a good strategy takes time to plan. And with a well-developed schedule, you can alter the script in any unusual situation.

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