Internet as an educational tool today

Internet as an educational tool today

The Internet is a tool with a wide variety of resources for both students and teachers. An attractive, different, and more visual way to learn, stimulate and explore the different fields of education.

The potential of these new technologies and their increasingly better development are applied as tools to collaborate and improve education. Other options to improve the quality of education and student achievement.

These are some of the most integrated and used applications. And tools in the educational field and their usefulness in the training of students. Each of them can be used to develop and work on each of the competencies. Correctly applying these tools also requires training in prior education in order to know the formative development of children.


The Internet is a very important communication tool and working on it in the classroom is a good way to encourage the use of the Internet as a communication tool. In addition, it is a very efficient method of communication between students and teachers. You can create a website where students publish their work, a blog where they post any doubts they may have during their homework or study to guide the class towards their doubts, and help with links and audiovisual tools to develop their learning.

Creating a web page can be done from different applications. And another way to share content with students privately is through Google Drive.  Which allows the creation of different files and shares them through email.

Development of reading comprehension

There are a large number of texts within the reach of a click on the Internet. And a large number of applications and websites to work on reading comprehension and writing. Write To Learn is one of them, where they work on the ability to summarize what they read by writing and summarizing essays.

Highlighted concepts, order of ideas, use of grammar, proper spelling, punctuation, structure of writing, choice of words, and personality of writing are taken into account.


Through online platforms, the achievement of goals is promoted by applying strategies and making students meet those goals independently. In this way, they must organize themselves to remember when they have to do some online exams or forms to fill out, events, work to be delivered … To meet the established dates.

The student can be encouraged to use some online resources such as Google Calendar to remember dates or other types of digital tools to implement in their day-to-day life.

Online games

The use of entertaining, more dynamic, and fun tools for students makes them have greater enthusiasm and interest in the content and dynamics. So more efficient and fun learning can be achieved for students. They will stop perceiving learning as a boring process and will interpret it as a more interesting and entertaining process that will stimulate them.

Critical thinking

In order to make value judgments, you must have a series of data. And the knowledge that supports your opinion and supports your idea. Hence, it is interesting that from the classroom the children have to question and argue their own opinions and points of view. Hence, it is interesting that they use tools such as  Google Scholar that provide academic articles, magazines. And even citations that can help them when researching a topic or obtaining useful and academic information for a job.

Study Education to work

The Internet is a very powerful tool for both students and teachers but, to maximize its usefulness. It is essential that the teacher is properly trained. If you are interested in learning more about tools and want to develop as an education professional. We encourage you to obtain more information about training in the education sector.

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