The 14 best video editing programs on the market

Best video editing programs

The 14 best video editing programs on the market

Looking for programs to edit videos? Discover the best video editing programs that will help you professionalize your content.

We know that video production is a meticulous job and requires care with every step and that for this reason, it is necessary to have video editing programs that are useful, reliable, and up to our expectations.

Here, on the blog, we have already made a complete post with ideas to create online video courses. And we also show what is necessary to make your video classes more attractive.

However, we realized that it is also very important to know how to edit videos. Because it is a fundamental part of the content creation process.

Final Cut Pro X

Video editing programs on the market

If you are a Mac (Apple) user, you can use the Final Cut Pro X video editing program. Especially if you already have some editing knowledge, as this is considered professional software. This video editing app is also available on the App Store.


iMovie is a program that is well known to Apple users since it is considered the official video editor for Mac. In addition, the application also has a full version for iPad and iPhones.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the main programs to edit videos. Besides being one of the best-known in the desktop version, it is also considered by many Windows users as a simple software. This tool is not yet available in an app version for editing from the phone.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Another of the most popular video editing programs in the industry is Adobe Premiere Pro CC which gives you that professional vision that Adobe provides. Although it’s not one of those video editing apps that fit on your phone, you have a lot of material available that makes it easy to use.

Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro, formerly known as Sony Vegas, was initially developed as an audio editor but is already used for full video production. If you want to know some shortcuts for this video editing app, there is a special app on the App Store and Google Play.


If you want great results, advanced features, and a tool that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, Lightworks is the perfect video editing program for you.

In Video

InVideo is an online video creation platform for basic to advanced video makers, especially if you need to use a template.

This platform is perfect for companies that do not have professional video editors but are looking to take advantage of the video format.


Clipchamp is an online video editor that is designed to be used primarily in the browser. However, it is possible to use it on a device with an iOS system. Since it has a downloadable mobile application with all the benefits of the editor.

To get to know it, we recommend you register for free on the official Clipchamp website.


Just like Lightworks, Shotcut is one of the open source and cross-platform video editing software, which means it works on Linux, Windows, and Mac. This tool is a great choice for anyone who uses any computer.

DaVinci Resolve

In its beginnings, the DaVinci Resolve software was created to treat colors in images, but today it is a very complete video editing program and is even used by American television programs and also Hollywood movie productions.

Filmora (Wondershare Video Editor)

Wondershare Video Editor is also an option for those who are looking to edit videos quickly and easily, mainly an editor that was not specifically intended for videographers, but for anyone looking for a video editing application.


Avidemux is a very complete video editing software for those who need to do simpler adjustments and editing. It is a video editor known for being light and stable. There, it is possible to make minor brightness and color corrections.


Videopad is a simple video editor, ideal for those who don’t need to do complex editing. It is light and intentional, recommended for cases of making only cuts, joints and inserting small effects.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm is a more professional software, reaching the equivalent of Premiere, however, it has less complete functionalities. However, apart from various video editing features, it also has plugins to increase its functionality.

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