Top eight travel apps make our lives easier

Top eight travel apps

Top eight travel apps make our lives easier

In the days of explorers and adventurers, when the world had not yet been fully mapped, preparing for a journey took months or years. The planning included all kinds of logistics you can imagine and the necessary equipment, both human and material, could be so large that one or more ships were needed to transport it. However, in the 21st century almost all the tools we need to plan for travel are found in a device as tiny as our smartphone. You may also like to read putting flyers on cars via

Nowadays, when you go to travel, you not only check that nothing is missing in your suitcase, but you also look at your mobile to be sure that you have all the necessary applications to help you on your adventure.

Apps to use before the trip

Best travel apps


There are people who have it easier than others, but the fact is that packing the suitcase – or backpack – is almost always one of the heaviest things in preparing for the trip.

The PackPoint app helps you decide what to pack. To do this, you only have to enter the data of the destination you are traveling to, on what dates, and what activities you are going to carry out. With these data, the application generates a list that you can modify and mark as you put things in the suitcase. In addition, you can share it with your travel companions so that they know what you are taking with you and copy it or give their opinion on things that you may be missing or leftover.


The Skyscanner app is an essential tool for preparing for a trip. With it you can check the flights of more than 1,000 different airlines, finding the best ticket to the chosen destination.

And if you don’t know where to travel and you’re looking for inspiration, you can always choose the “Anywhere” or “Explore” functions, which show the cheapest and most interesting destinations from your departure airport.

Road trippers

There are many travel applications that allow you to create itineraries at your whim, but Roadtrippers surpasses them all because it helps you find things, places, and curiosities near your route that you did not know existed or have seen in any guide.

Its operation is as follows: you create a route through its website or directly in its application, and, instantly, a long list of suggestions of strange attractions, special viewpoints, local restaurants, and any other unusual thing that you cannot see will appear. to lose.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Today, there is no traveler who does not know the name of Lonely Planet.

The world’s best-selling guides are often fairly dense tomes that offer a wealth of useful information.

In order to make your life as a traveler a little easier, both before the trip and when you are already on the road, Lonely Planet has created ‘ Guides ‘, which offer concentrated versions of their guides.

In this application, you can download. For example, the guide of a city you are going to travel to. And then select the category you need information about (things to see, bars, restaurants, places to sleep, shopping centers, etc.).


The last thing you want when you’re traveling is for your health to suffer. However, just in case, you’ll want to have the ICE app installed.

In it, you can include all your relevant medical information. Such as allergies, blood group, contacts of your doctors, previous illnesses, current special health conditions, etc.

All this information will help, if necessary, the people who have to attend you for a medical emergency.


Tripit is one of the most famous travel applications worldwide.

It is a travel organizer but raised to the maximum power. If you have made reservations for your flights, hotels, rental cars, activities, and other aspects of the trip, on the Internet, you only have to forward the confirmation emails of each reservation to the application and it will design your travel itinerary itself. In addition, once it is made, you can download it and consult it when you are without an Internet connection.


This application has managed to collect information from more than 3,000 airports around the world.

With it, you will be able to move around the terminals, find their restaurant, rest, and leisure areas. Control the status of your flight and get discounts to access the private lounges of some 300 airports or have a space in their car park.

But the thing does not end here. When you arrive at your destination, FLIO provides you with route information. And the fastest and cheapest way to get to your hotel or whatever your final destination is.

Gogo Entertainment

In terms of design, it’s not the prettiest on the market. But Gogo Entertainment is a basic application on flights operated by airlines. They have decided to do away with their onboard entertainment systems.

Typically, it works in conjunction with a dedicated airline entertainment app. It will allow you to watch movies, series, or listen to music for free when you have reached cruising height.

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