Top five cooking apps for android and IOS

Essential cooking apps

Top five cooking apps for android and IOS

Whether we are one of those cooks who don’t mind spending several hours in the kitchen to prepare a good dish, try the latest cutting-edge cooking techniques or make our own creations, or if we are just the opposite and we basically do it to survive, eating is a fundamental physiological need. Food not only provides us with the energy we need to carry out our daily routines, but it allows us to grow, helps us develop, and influences the way our bodies age. A healthy and balanced diet will allow us to have an alert mind and even improve our mood!

The world of apps also reaches the kitchen to offer us countless recipes with which from the most novice to the most expert, they can find dishes to suit everyone: from original recipes to those of the great chefs; from healthy recipes made by nutritionists to sweets for special occasions; from simple plated dishes for everyday to spectacular ones to impress everyone…

It’s time to recycle old heavy cookbooks and messy mountains of paper with handwritten recipes to make way for new technologies. Below we show you a series of cooking apps with which you will have thousands of recipes at your fingertips.


Cooking apps for android and IOS

Cookpad (or Easy Cooking Recipes) is the Facebook of home cooking. It consists of a large community of amateur chefs who share their creations with the world. In the app, one can search for recipes for inspiration or write and post their own.

It allows us to save recipes to create our own cookbook, interact with other cooks, ask them questions, follow the ones we like the most and even upload “Cooksnaps”: images in which we can share how a dish that we have found on the web turned out. app.

It currently has around 200,000 recipes, which makes it one of the cooking apps with the largest recipe book out there. The Premium version of the app shows us the most popular results that have been tested by the community.


The slogan of the application – Eat healthy, with what you have at hand – perfectly describes its objective. Noodle shows us recipes that we can make from the ingredients we have at home.

Just specifying a couple of basic ingredients (or more) will show us a large number of options with which to improvise a healthy and simple dish. Although do not expect that with 1 egg and 3 asparagus it will tell us how to make a duck with orange or that it will directly provide us with many options without other ingredients. To do this, we can also search for recipes directly in your search engine.

For each recipe, it gives us a brief description, the difficulty, and the approximate cooking time. In addition, it gives us the ingredients based on the number of portions we want to make. All in detail.

Nestle Kitchen. Recipes and Menus

Yes, Nestlé also makes apps. The food giant offers us more than 3,000 recipes and video recipes of all kinds to make from its products (although it obviously is not necessary to use those of its brands).

In the app, we will find recipes classified by type of food, gluten-free, vegetarian, and family and it shows us the recipe of the day or random recipes, which can serve as inspiration when we do not know what to cook. It also provides us with the nutritional information of the recipes, their difficulty, the approximate cooking time, and some tips.


Surely you have seen a video on social networks in which they prepare a seemingly delicious dish step by step very quickly in 20 seconds. Well, this app is a compilation of all of them.

In Tasty you will have more than 3,000 detailed step-by-step recipes with explanations and videos for each one of them so that you know exactly what to do and how each preparation should turn out, which offers easy monitoring that most apps do not have.

The simple search engine allows us to add filters to the main ingredient that we want to use (or directly use only filters and find a recipe that meets them).

Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

Finally, and since some of our readers may lean towards vegetarianism or veganism, we show you the Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes app.

This app is simply too much. It has everything that any cooking app should have and even more options than you could imagine or need. We will find vegetarian or vegan recipes filtered or classified in all possible ways and for having: by type of dish, by preparation time, without ingredients that cause the main intolerances, by nutritional values ​​​​(it shows us very detailed information on vitamins and mineral salts of the portions), by author, by cost, by the seasonality of the ingredients, and even by colors! But it is that we can also create several cookbooks to classify our favorite recipes, create shopping lists, add notes and comments to recipes, create events in the calendar of our device to plan meals, give us information on cooking times of many ingredients, it has a timer, a dose and quantity converter, and even a spaghetti portion meter. That said everything.

Bonus: Recipe Keeper

Now that we have thousands of recipes at our fingertips. And we have renewed our culinary specialties, there has to be a way to organize all this knowledge for day-to-day use. This form is called Recipe Keeper.

Although with several of the apps that we have shown you we can save our favorite recipes, not all of them allow us to make our own shopping list with the recipes that we want or organize them throughout the week.

Recipe Keeper is basically a meal planner. With this app, we can create a cookbook by manually adding the recipes. Importing them from a web link or another cooking app (by copying a link when sharing), scanning a PDF document, and even from a photo of a handwritten recipe! The dishes that we have saved can be added to a calendar to create our own menu. In addition, once we have decided on the menu, we can transform it into a shopping list with the necessary ingredients for each dish that we want.


Cooking is an activity that can bring us many benefits. Cooking after a long day of work has a relaxing effect. And dedicating time and effort to it helps us improve our ability to concentrate. Challenge yourself and define goals for yourself. In addition, it helps us to be aware of what we eat and provides well-being and satisfaction.

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