Why is Facebook not working? Solve it right now

Facebook not working

Why is Facebook not working? Solve it right now

I often have to do with Facebook and like you, I often yelled, “Facebook doesn’t work!”. Sometimes, it is understood that Facebook had malfunctioned, but, these are user errors, small bugs, or new updates in most cases.

Why is Facebook not working?

Suppose the problem of the Facebook malfunction depends on you or simply on Facebook itself. Maybe there is an anomaly in progress. The Facebook servers are not working well or anything else beyond your responsibility.

Connection and network problems

In many institutions or businesses, network administrators often block Facebook to prevent employees or users from chatting during work hours. Solve the problem by trying to connect to one of the addresses we have listed above. It should be enough in most cases.

Profile locked or disabled

If when you enter Facebook, you are faced with a message that warns you that your account has been disabled, then the problem is that for some reason, Facebook has punished you by closing your account. Sometimes the block can be temporary because you will have to provide directions to Facebook, making sure that you are the owner of the account. Facebook disables profiles following reports from other users, and the block can be permanent or temporary.

What to do when Facebook isn’t working

Tips and best practices to follow when it’s not Facebook’s fault

Refresh the page

The first thing to do is to update the web page. Just click F5 or the appropriate button at the top of your browser.

Change language

The Facebook English US version is more up-to-date than the IT version, so sometimes you just need to change the language to solve the problem.

Change Browser

Several Facebook functions are optimized for Chrome, and as I have been able to verify over the years, the Google browser is the best tool to use the social network’s services. So when you see that something is wrong, try using Chrome.

Exit and re-enter

More than once, it happened to me that I could no longer view posts or content, but exiting and re-entering the account, I solved it.

Clear Cache and History

It can be an extreme solution, but it can be a solution, especially when an email or password is not recognized.

New versions and new functions

Facebook is constantly releasing new versions of the administration panels and new functions, but, like all things, they don’t necessarily work right away. If you do not see new keys, new layouts, or new functions, you do not have the new version. If you have malfunctioned or do not see the most recent versions, try to set the language “Englis: US.”

Slow connection

I don’t want to be the devil’s advocate, but you may have connection problems if you can’t load a page, photo or post content. Then check the modem and run a speed test.

We are distracted

I know, who would have thought it? It’s our fault. First of all, I am the one who does the mea culpa when I complain about not finding a function and then I simply discover that I had not seen it, so check carefully and do not lose patience immediately.


Facebook is not perfect and is not a saint, and to be honest, it is not even a sentient being, but when something does not work, it is good to do some checks before railing against the system. I say this because, for many companies, Facebook is essential to promote services and products, but you need to make sure of the real reason for the malfunction before giving up using it.

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